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The thought of losing our pets during a crisis can make you even more fragile. There are people who have pets at their homes and are so attached to them that they will not leave their home during a crisis. There are also pet owners in a panic laden situation that forget to carry their pets with them. The occupants then do not even have the option of going back and bring their pets along, resulting often times in a tragic death of a helpless animal. The responsibility of the owners increases even more with a pet that cannot discriminate between a dangerous and an ordinary situation. With the sudden outbreak of a disaster, the circumstances may force the occupants to vacate their house within minutes. It is necessary for the owners to learn the tips and precautions that are beneficial to help the pets.

What to do when the disaster strikes? When a disaster strikes most people care more about the human casualties than the animals. Essential services like water, food, and life support equipment are often lacking when it comes to treating pets. For surviving such shortfalls, you should ensure that when a crisis occurs, your pet is secured and cared for. Here are some simple tips and tricks to follow:

Prepare in advance for pets needs. Know where your pets can be shifted during a crisis. Keep your pets’ vaccination card and records with you. Make an ID card for your pet or use a dog tag ID, providing the necessary information like contact name, address, and phone numbers. Have disaster kits ready with equipments like extra ID tags, leashes, collars, water, food, medicines, photos and health records to prove your ownership. Gather relief information from multiple resources, so that when a crisis occurs you know where to get help from. Train your pet how to board the vehicles and remain in a transport kennel. Keep your neighbors informed that you own a pet and keep your neighbors contact information with you or in your emergency kit. Know about the organization in your area that can help during a crisis. Always keep a photocopy of your pet and ownership papers. Prepare a pet first aid kit with all the unique supplies, food, water, bowels, cages, pet vaccines, bandages, blanket, vet information, and medicines. Train your pet to differentiate between objects that should be gotten close to and the ones that are dangerous and to respond to your command.

The bottom line is preparing for pet emergencies well in advance is the main factor that will help save your pet in a crisis. By preparing in advance you will feel a sense of relief and can then just update your pet emergency supplies every 6 months. Get your pet emergency kit and pet first aid kit today.

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If you are considering getting a new tank or aquarium for your fish, then you may wish to consider the benefits of a BiOrb Aquarium. This is an aquarium that utilizes technology to provide the best possible environment for your fish while reducing the amount of work you have to do to maintain the tank, meaning you reap many benefits through having one. The BiOrb Aquarium comes in a range of sizes and there is a variety of accessories available.

One great benefit of BiOrb Aquariums that’s sure to get you interested is the water optimization. The aquarium works to keep the water healthy for longer, meaning you only have to change the filter in the tank once every six weeks. It’s also totally stress free as it’s really easy to change. Water optimization works in a five stage process, including 100% water oxygenation, water stabilizers and chemical, mechanical and biological filtration meaning you’ll have both water clarity and quality.

Coupled with the water optimization is the fact that BiOrb Aquariums are really low maintenance. This is because the improved water quality stops the build up of harmful scum and bacteria on the sides of the tank, so you won’t have to clean it so often in the same way you won’t have to chance the filter as much. There’s also a ceramic plate at the base of the aquarium. The purpose of this is to provide a place for beneficial filter bacteria to permanently thrive.

There are also many benefits associated with the shape of BiOrb Aquariums. The bowl shape is, on a purely aesthetic note, much more attractive than traditional rectangular ones. The fish also have more room to move around due to the increased water capacity. They’ll also be in a great environment as there is a bubble tube designed to keep oxygen levels at optimum through an air-powered filtration system. Independent studies also show the dome bowl has higher oxygenation levels than rectangular aquariums.

If you buy a BiOrb aquarium, you can also benefit from the great range of accessories available. These include a thermometer for measuring water temperature, a timer that reminds you to feed you fish and an aquarium stand so you can showcase your fish. There are also great benefits to be had in the cartridge based filtration system that is designed to safely eliminate any organic waste produced by uneaten food and the fish. This effectively keeps the water clear and the fish healthy.

Now Try – Biorb

I was the owner of a Siamese cat some time ago.  His name was Augustus and was a wonderful seal point.  He had been in show for quite a few years and was just the most loving, intelligent cat.

A short history on this wonderful breed:

The exact origins of these cats is unknown, though it is believed they came from Southeast Asia and are descendents of the sacred temple cats of Siam, now Thailand.  These cats were called Wichien-maat – meaning “moon diamond”.

The first Siamese to go to England, in 1884 as a gift to a British Consul-General in Bangkok, Edward Blencowe Gould.  In 1878 the American Consul in Bangkok presented Rutherford B. Hayes (U.S. President) a Siamese “Siam” as a gift.

The Look of Siamese:

Siamese are so very recognizable due to their beautiful coats and extreme blue eyes.  Their short fur is distinguished by the darker markings that usually cover the head and ears area, their legs and tail area.

Their bodies are light to medium beige in color, blue eyes and narrow faces.  Although over the past 15 yrs or so, they have been bread with broader faces, as the very narrow faces caused Siamese to have multiple sinus issues.

Their coloring is referred to as points.  There are 4 main points in the Siamese breed.

Seal Points are considered the most recognizable in color.  The markings are a very rich, dark (almost black) brown.

Chocolate Points have brown markings that are a much light shade of brown.

Blue Points coloring resembles a slate grey in color and not as stark in difference from the beige bodies.  It’s a very soft shade.

Lilac Points are very pale with an appearance of light pink or a frost gray.  Their coloring is very pale and sometimes can almost pass as white.

Siamese are extreme talkers and are well known to communicate with their owners.  Their voices are very deep and many times will be mistaken for sounding like a crying baby.

In general, they are one-person cats.  They will attach to one person, sit by them, and follow them where ever they go.  They are extremely gentle loving kitties. They are extremely dependent on their owners and adore an enormous amount of attention.

They have one of the longest life spans of cats, as they can live from 16 – 25 years of age and in some cases even longer.

Augustus lived to be 19 years of age. Even though it has been many years since he left this world, I love him to this day and think of him often.

Special Note:

Siamese Artwork of Blue Point and Siamese Divider were created by: Summer Fey Foovay

For More Information on Siamese Visit:

Cat Fanciers’ Association – Siamese

Cat urine smell can become a nightmare. The urine has a distinctive ammonia odor. Cat urine smell is not a problem if your cat uses the litter box. Just clean very well the litter box once a week and change the litter or scoop it every day. As a cat owner, this becomes a part of your daily life. Like it or not, your cat needs to pee. If you are upset because of that, you must find a solution or reconsidering having a pet at home.

Cat urine smell can become a nightmare, one that you have while completely awake, if your cat starts peeing on different spots of your home instead of using its litter box. I have suffered this and believe me you better find a solution before you lose your mind. After all cat urine smell is the main reason to abandon cats in shelters.

It is a battle you have to win and the first step is to know your enemy. Keep always in mind that your cat is not the enemy, he does not do this to annoy you. The enemy is your cat urine smell and stains. Let’s learn a little more about why cat urine smell is so awful and what can you do about it.

Urea, urochrome and uric acid are the three main components of urine. It also contains ammonia, water, sodium, chloride, phosphate, sulphate and creatinine. The exact composition can vary and it will depend on your cat’s diet.

The three main components are responsible for the overwhelming cat urine smell and for the problems you have when trying to remove the urine stains.

Urea is what makes urine sticky once it begins to dry. It is easy to remove with the help of a cleaning product.

The yellow color in urine is due to urochrome. If you use an ultraviolet light it will glow.

These two components are easily removable using cleaning products that are especially created for removing cat urine smell and stains.

Uric acid is much more complicated to get rid of. Uric acid is what causes the strong cat urine smell and makes any urine stain a big challenge to remove. In cats, uric acid is more concentrated than in other urine. A cat drinks less water than a dog, making its urine more concentrated and with higher levels of uric acid.

Uric acid contains insoluble salt crystals. These crystals remain tightly bonded to any surface. When cleaning with an ordinary product you solve the problem, but only temporally. Cat urine smell will appear as soon as you moisture the spot again because the crystals are still there.

The ammoniacal odor is cause by the decomposition of bacteria in the first part of the process. As the decomposition advances, mercaptans similar to those in skunk spray are expelled.

Cat urine smell will become worse and more powerful if you do not destroyed bacteria.

Now that you have a better understanding of your adversary, it is time to take action in three steps:

First task- You have to find the spots where your cat has peed on.

If the urine is not fresh it can be very difficult to locate. In this case you should use an ultraviolet light. You will see the exact spot because the urine will glow.

Second task -You have to remove the urine odor and stains.

There are plenty of products specifically created to remove stains and odor. However, not all these products are effective. Some remove the odor and the stain but only temporarily not permanently. Others remove the stain but not the cat urine smell.

And last but not least, you need to find out the reason why your cat has start peeing outside the litter box.

It can be a medical problem or a behavioral one.

If you are searching Internet for information about the topic of house train a dog, check out the page which was quoted right in this paragraph.

The Canine Good Citizen Training:

We have now come to the final training level for your dog. This course is Strictly Meant for those dogs that have Completed All Previous Courses. The test is quite tough and can only be passed if your dog is really well behaved. This course can last for several weeks.

Keeping in mind, you should be able to decide the dog training course best suited for your dog. You may want to seek the opinion of a good dog trainer.  Many trainers consult for free.


If you choose classes somewhere, realize you must be in the training courses with your dog, in order to understand  how to handle him properly. Appreciating a well-mannered dog is something that a good owner can and should understand.

If you have just visited my blog, you might want to read up on the various levels of training that I have discussed.  This will help you decide which level your pup should start off in.

Always keep in mind that dog training should have motivators, like prizes and rewards for positive results. Hitting and yelling at the dog for making a mistake or not quite “getting” it,  is not a wise technique. It’s also cruel,  your dog does Not know what he is doing wrong.  Your job, as owner and “human”, is to teach with patience and understanding.  Negative training leads to negative results. The training you assign your dog should always be a Positive experience with Positive Strategies!

It takes time to carry out Positive and Effective Training.  It is not only worthwhile, but rewarding to train from the very beginning.

There are many techniques available and I strongly suggest that you research other blogs and articles on dog training to find what might work best for you and your pup.

In training, always keep your dog motivated when doing the right thing by rewarding with a treat. Dog training does not have to be hard if you use common sense.  Again, if you do not have the stamina or the time, look into Professional Trainers or Local places that have classes for you and your pet. Training is important for both the happiness of your dog and for yourself.

Here are Links for information on training classes:




Here is FREE Training Course you might be interested in. These folks are very knowledgeable in the field of Dog Training:

Kingdom of Pets

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