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Advanced Training:

The next type of training course is known as the Advanced Dog Training. Here, once again, the course is quite similar to its previous one, Intermediate Dog Training. The difference in this training is More Detailed.

Here, your dog is taught to sit with you out of view or away.

This course is about 8 to 10 weeks long, and is meant for those dogs that have completed their Intermediate Training. They are also trained to Walk beside their owners Without a Leash.

In the advanced level, the different elements of the basic and intermediate courses are revised in great detail. This course also goes into more Advanced Variations of Commands including Hand Signals for Come, Stay, Sit, Heel, Fetch, Lie Down.

When your dog gets accustomed to hand signals, he will move on to understanding how to walk and stay beside you at all times, even without a leash. It also teaches your dog to have Focus on You. In other words, to pay attention and not be distracted. The Advanced level is usually suited for obedient and well-mannered dogs.

This course gradually prepares your dog for the Canine Good Citizen training course.

Hand Signals:

If you decide you’d like to train your dog to hand signals, its not that difficult.  ASL (American Sign Language) is a good place to start and learn some basic hand signals that will work quite well.  Dogs learn hand signals easier than language.  Language is not natural for dogs.  They communicate with each other using body language, so it makes sense that they will understand hand signals better than language. Many trainers will tell you to teach dog voice commands first before moving on to hand signs, as signals are much easier for your dog to understand.

ASL Pro is a great site for learning sign for various words and I would recommend visiting the site and picking up some basic signs.

Dogs who compete for Obedience titles are required to learn hand signs and many other working dogs use sign or body language to complete their working tasks.  If you happen to be the proud owner of a deaf puppy, there’s nothing to be afraid of and they learn the same as hearing dogs, just using sign instead. As I stated before, it’s very easy for dogs to learn sign because it’s so much more natural for them to learn and deaf puppies are no different.  Here is a wonderful site to visit and learn valuable information regarding deaf dogs. Deaf Dog Education Action Fund

Repetition is the key word.  Using verbal along with a sign, repeating the command, then gradually removing the verbal command.  It is advisable that you use both verbal and signals while training a “hearing” dog.

Hand signals can be used for any range of commands, from Stay, Sit, Come, etc.  Learning Hand Signals can be fun and enjoyable for both you and your dog.

I can train any dog in five minutes. It’s training the owner that takes longer.
– Barbara Woodhouse

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