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Anyone who has experienced the “joy” of administering a pill to their cat knows what a complete nightmare that is.  Giving your cat a pill entails, clawing, biting, squirming and of course chasing kitty around!  There are some ways to administer pills to kitty that can take some of the stress out of it for both you and your cat.

Hiding Medications in Food:

The simplest way to administer medication to your cat is to hide it in your kitty’s food.  If it’s a pill, crush the pill into a fine powder then mix it in with canned cat food.  Usually your cat will not know there is medication in the canned food and will digest the entire thing.  If it’s a capsule, just separate the capsule, dump the contents into the canned food.

That is not to say this always works.  I have a Maine Coon that has a nose to beat the band!  He can smell any irregularities within his food!

The Pill Gun:

If your cat is like Keely Yoda or possibly is ill, he might not eat the food.  In that case, you need to get a device from your vet or from your local pet supply house – such as Petsmart.  This device is a rod that holds the pill until you press the plunger.  Make sure when you purchase one of these that it is long and has a super soft tip on the end.

You might have to practice with this device by asking your vet to show you how to use this quickly and with little to no stress on the part of your cat.  The most difficult part is the obvious – getting your cat to open his mouth!  It might be helpful if you can get a family member or a friend to help you out.  Have them hold your cat so he can’t squirm and run away.  Have them pry open kitty’s mouth and you insert the rod, very quickly, and press the plunger.

By Hand:

If a rod is not working for you or it’s too clumsy, you will have to administer the medication with your hand.

I get a blanket or a very large towel and wrap my cats up in the blanket or towel to keep them in place and prevents them from getting away.  I then gently pry their mouths open, get the pill into their mouths then close their mouths.  Then gently massage/rub the under chin – this forces them to swallow. You might have to wait a bit – cats can be very determined and stubborn.

There is no perfect way for administering medication to a cat.  They do not like anything foreign placed in their mouths and will always try to start a battle.  It’s your job to see they can’t win the war.  Medications for your cat are prescribed by your vet and it’s essential to your cat’s recovery.

Whatever method you choose, be sure and reward your pet with a treat!

By now everyone has heard of Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer. But I will bet you have never heard of Cat Whisperers!  Cat Whisperers are people that just have a natural alignment and connection with cats.  Cats are drawn to these people quite naturally and instinctively trust them.

Cats that have been abandoned, lost or Ferals will find their way to these people’s door.  You can’t be “trained” as a cat whisperer, it’s something that certain people are just born and blessed with.  It’s an innate understanding and an inner ability to win the trust of kitties that are emotionally torn up.

Cats that have been deserted, abused, even tortured have no trust in people and are extremely afraid of us.  Cat whisperers know when these cats show up looking for food are still extremely leary.  They understand that it will take some time for these kitties to allow them to get close to them and actually pet them.  Just leaving food and speaking very softly to these cats will instill a trust over time.  These cats, in most cases, are emotionally damaged although they physically appear quite healthy.

Since I was a very small child I have loved animals and had that special something that animals trust.  I am a Cat Whisperer!  I have rescued, fed and lived with many abandoned cats and sadly lost many along the way to the cruelty of others or nature’s coarse.

Within their sad eyes, I see a want for love, protection and shelter from the storm.  Although I have lost many cats that one day just never returned, I have gained so much within myself from caring for these kitties.

Once they have trusted me and return every day, they also bring their friends and the cycle starts all over.  Feral cats run a different gambit then abandoned cats, many times they do not want to live in doors.  My friend Jake, who I lost some time ago was feral and would come inside during storms but always wanted back out.

Jake was always waiting for me every day morning, noon and night.  Like a little guard at the gate he would faithfully await my return.

I wrote a poem for Jake after I lost him, I hope you will read it and leave me your thoughts.

Ode to Jake

Cat Whisperers know who they are and those reading this know what I’m talking about.  I do believe that if you love cats, care for cats and realize homeless cats have fears and a need for love, you Are a Cat Whisperer and Will Soon Will Be!

God Bless All Who Care For Animals.

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