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Most of us know Diabetes is a serious illness among people, but many people do not know that cats can also suffer from Diabetes.  Understanding Cats and Diabetes and treating their diabetes properly will allow your cat a very normal long life.

There are two types of feline diabetes:

1. Diabetes is caused by an insufficient
production of insulin

2. Diabetes is characterized by the inability
of the cat’s body to process insulin  effectively.

There also is a secondary diabetes that can be caused by drugs or by other deceases that may impair their natural ability to process insulin.

Just as with humans, diabetes can strike cats at any age but more likely when they are older. Therefore, understanding how the decease strikes is imperative to the well being of your cat.

What To Look For:

Cats will display symptoms that will help your veterinarian diagnose and start treatments for diabetes.  These symptoms have a great deal of similarities with that of humans.

Your cat might show frequent thirst and/or urination.  As the body is unable to process or handle glucose, diabetic cats may also show significant weight loss.

Other symptoms may also include vomiting, loss of appetite and become generally weak.  A cat’s skin and coat may seem in poor condition and they can also experience breathing abnormalities.

Even though some of these conditions can be associated with other problems, never take it for granted and get your cat into you vet as soon as possible.  As none of the above are harmless, these conditions should be addressed very quickly.

Should your Vet diagnose your cat with Diabetes, he or she will sit down with you and assist you in understanding and how to treat diabetes.  There is absolutely no reason to become frightened and believe you can’t take care of a diabetic cat. In most cases the treatments are very easy to administer.

You will have great support from your Vet and will be given medications to treat the decease in order to ensure your pet has a long and happy life.

Many pet owners experience diabetes in their pets and there are wonderful groups on line that you can join up with and chat about as well as ask questions.  These people will help you over any fears you might be experiencing and give you great support.

Here are a few sites that are worth looking into:

Pet Diabetes


Cat Chat

Fab Cats

I hope you find this helpful for you or someone who has a diabetic cat.

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