According to the Society for Companion Animal Studies, patients who interact with animals recover faster and live longer lives. Are cats great companions?  The answer to that is a huge yes!  Cats are affectionate yet less demanding and low maintenance compared to dogs.  This is so very important for people that are aged, have health issues or just can’t keep up with the lifestyle and concerns of dogs. These folks have found cats are a wonderful alternative.

Cats are extremely intelligent, small in size and clean freaks.  Unlike old myths, cats are very affectionate and adore attention.  Are cats great companions – Studies have shown that having a cat sitting in someone’s lap and petting kitty brings a great deal of calm, comfort and loss of stress.  Many have said they find a great peace just listening to a cat purr.

Cats are not particularly intimidating and therefore people who are shy or withdrawn seem to come out of their shells when around cats.  Cats are also a perfect size for young children to learn how to treat animals and take care of them.  By caring for animals people learn how to treat other people.  It is believed that people who abuse animals will eventually abuse people as well.

Are cats great companions? I think just about anyone who has owned or now owns a cat will tell you, without hesitation – Yes!  The next time you decide to bring a cat into your home, please stop by your local shelter and adopt a full grown cat.  They are so in need of love and attention and everyone seems to only go for kittens.  Full grown cats are a pleasure, they are over the kitten mishaps and are a little calmer.  They need your love and will pay you back with more unconditional love than you can possibly imagine!

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