Whether rabbits are good house pets depends on your understanding of rabbits and whether your lifestyle and family environment are suitable. Rabbits come in many breeds and temperaments and they also come in many different sizes.

Rabbits range from 2-4 pounds (small), 4-8 pounds (medium) and 8 pounds +) large. Some breeds are more aggressive than others. Britannia Petites are considered aggressive rabbits while  Netherland Dwarfs are considered gentle.

Rabbits as pets can find their companionship with a variety of other animals such as cats, dogs, other rabbits and also build a bond with humans. Animal welfare organizations advise that rabbits are not good pets for children under the age of 7 years of age. Very young children are not able to stay calm and quiet and in general can not be gentle with rabbits. Rabbits have fragile bones, especially their backs and require support on their bellies and bottoms when being picked up.

When bringing a rabbit into your home you need to have a cage, proper litter and know just what to feed your new pet.

When choosing a litter pan make sure it’s small enough for your little friend to get in and out of and is not too large for his or her cage. You really don’t want the pan taking up most of the cage area. There are many great sites as well as pet stores that can help you pick the right little pan for your rabbits needs.

When getting litter, understand rabbits are not cats, rabbits will eat everything. Clumping litter is a death warrant on your bunny. Eating clumping litter will  literally ball up in their digestive systems and they can not pass it. Deodorized litter has chemicals that will kill your bunny as well.

Use recycled wood pulp, it’s safe and controls odors. Some folks use corn cob bedding, though it’s not as good at deterring odor and then others use rabbit food pellets in the rabbit’s pan.

Rabbits need more than carrots and lettuce.  You need to buy high quality food for them and offer lettuce and carrots as a treat.  Look for a good feed store in your area or go to Petco or Petsmart to get the right foods for rabbits.

The Myth:

Domestic rabbits can be set free in the wild is not only untrue but a horrible thing for anyone to do. They will quickly become prey to a variety of other animals from dogs to hawks and will not last very long at all. They do not know how to fend for themselves and do not have full instinctive abilities to stay alive. This will be so completely horrifying to the rabbit.

If you have a rabbit and decide you no longer want to keep him or her, please, please find them a home! Do Not Send Them Out Into the Wild – this is just cruel.

Rabbits can be a wonderful addition to your home, but you should read all you can about rabbits before making your final decision.

I have found one site that I think has so much wonderful, knowledgeable information that I would highly recommend you check them out! You will learn about various breeds, how to train your new friend, what breed of rabbit is right for you and so much more. Are rabbits good house pets? That all depends on you.


Also, visit Wikipedia, which always has valuable information for you and House Rabbit Society.

If you are cleaver at woodworking, here are a few sites that you might want to look into and build  great rabbit dwelling for your new pet!

Woodworkers Workshop

Rabbit Condo

Youtube Video

Pre-built Rabbit Hutches:

Rabbit Hutch Warehouse

Annies Rabbit Ark

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2 Responses to “Are Rabbits Good House Pets?”

  • Rabbits are great indoor pets if you have the right equipment to keep them in, at rabbit hutches uk we stock all types of indoor cages for your precious furry friends.

    • ellent says:

      Oh how wonderful! Yes, I think rabbits are absolutely wonderful little guys. I used to have a bunny that was solid black, he was just the sweetest little friend in the whole world! He was also very, very smart. No one should every assume elsewise. Thanks so much for stopping by, I sure appreciate it! Wish I could see your bunny houses!

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