I was the owner of a Siamese cat some time ago.  His name was Augustus and was a wonderful seal point.  He had been in show for quite a few years and was just the most loving, intelligent cat.

A short history on this wonderful breed:

The exact origins of these cats is unknown, though it is believed they came from Southeast Asia and are descendents of the sacred temple cats of Siam, now Thailand.  These cats were called Wichien-maat – meaning “moon diamond”.

The first Siamese to go to England, in 1884 as a gift to a British Consul-General in Bangkok, Edward Blencowe Gould.  In 1878 the American Consul in Bangkok presented Rutherford B. Hayes (U.S. President) a Siamese “Siam” as a gift.

The Look of Siamese:

Siamese are so very recognizable due to their beautiful coats and extreme blue eyes.  Their short fur is distinguished by the darker markings that usually cover the head and ears area, their legs and tail area.

Their bodies are light to medium beige in color, blue eyes and narrow faces.  Although over the past 15 yrs or so, they have been bread with broader faces, as the very narrow faces caused Siamese to have multiple sinus issues.

Their coloring is referred to as points.  There are 4 main points in the Siamese breed.

Seal Points are considered the most recognizable in color.  The markings are a very rich, dark (almost black) brown.

Chocolate Points have brown markings that are a much light shade of brown.

Blue Points coloring resembles a slate grey in color and not as stark in difference from the beige bodies.  It’s a very soft shade.

Lilac Points are very pale with an appearance of light pink or a frost gray.  Their coloring is very pale and sometimes can almost pass as white.

Siamese are extreme talkers and are well known to communicate with their owners.  Their voices are very deep and many times will be mistaken for sounding like a crying baby.

In general, they are one-person cats.  They will attach to one person, sit by them, and follow them where ever they go.  They are extremely gentle loving kitties. They are extremely dependent on their owners and adore an enormous amount of attention.

They have one of the longest life spans of cats, as they can live from 16 – 25 years of age and in some cases even longer.

Augustus lived to be 19 years of age. Even though it has been many years since he left this world, I love him to this day and think of him often.

Special Note:

Siamese Artwork of Blue Point and Siamese Divider were created by: Summer Fey Foovay

For More Information on Siamese Visit:

Cat Fanciers’ Association – Siamese


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