Man’s Best Friend – Cat!

Everyone knows the adage “Man’s Best Friend” refers to dogs.  Or does it?  There are approximately 93.6 million  cat owners in the United States alone.

Cats are great pets and great friends as much as dogs are.  So many people fall into the belief that cats are aloof, non-affectionate and too independent!  Nothing could be farther from the truth! Cats are affectionate, intelligent and wonderful companions.

Let’s look at some of the advantages of owning a cat:

Cats are, somewhat, lower maintenance then dogs and in many cases are better equipped for apartment living.

Cats can be left for longer durations of time then dogs as they are pretty self sufficient.

Cats curl up in your lap quite nicely and never chew on your shoes.

Cats do not have to be taken out for walks and welcome a clean liter box.

These are just a few things that are perks to kitty owning.

Now let’s move from the myths about these great – compact friends.

Unlike popular rumor cats do not spend their lives snarling and hissing.  They are warm, affectionate little guys.  A warm hug, a good petting and a lap can go a long way with cats.

Cats have personalities! Yes! They are all different.  I have 4 cats and each one of them are completely different in their wants and needs.  Tucker constantly wishes to be held, cuddled and just generally babied!

Keely Yoda likes to come by and say hi from time to time but generally enjoys his solitude.

Misty is my clown, she will get into anything she can, chase a dust bunny and play, play, play.

Lastly, Cocoa Monet will saunter in and out of the living room, see what’s going on and then find a nice warm spot to curl up and nap.

Cats bring a great deal of humor, affection and comfort to their owners and should never be considered cold and indifferent.  I have watched cats do some of the silliest things imagined and have literally broken up laughing.

In times of sadness, I will pickup one of my friends, they will purr or lick my face as understanding my sadness and give comfort.

Cats are wonderful companions for elderly folks because of their low maintenance and lack of needing to go for walks.  They’re, in general, not as hyper as dogs and therefore easier for older folks.  They are a great source of comfort and bring incredible joy to folks that are suffering from various illnesses or disabilities.

Having a pet in general keeps you younger, happier and healthier.  There are so many cats in shelters that are full grown and are so overlooked when people come to adopt.  Grown cats are calmer and have outgrown their kitten antics.   Welcome an adult cat into your life – you won’t be sorry.

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