Orange tabbies are usually male cats. An orange female tabby is extremely rare

Cats are very social animals. Cats will respond to human speech

Cats enjoy human companionship more than being alone

Cats can not see under their noses

Scarlett the Cat, a former stray, whose efforts to save her kittens from a fire, at serious harm to herself, attracted worldwide media attention and has been related in a number of nonfiction books…


Scarlett and her kittens received 7000 adoption requests.

Oscar the Cat was featured in the New England Journal of Medicine for his ability to predict the impending death of the terminally ill

Cats have memory approximately two hundred times that of dogs

The average life span of a feral cat who survives kittenhood is 2 years, compared to 16 yrs for a house cat.

Cat coat genetics – two different X-chromosome alleles must be present to create a Calco. Did you know only female cats are calicos?

Did you know, I Love Cats!

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4 Responses to “Did You Know That – About Your Cat?”

  • If I have seen a kitten more cute than the one on this page, I can’t remember where. Richard Hobart

  • Carol McCrow says:

    Hi Ellen,

    I had never heard that about orange tabby cats. It surprised me because I have a female cat I have always assumed is a tabby.

    She is not solid orange; and the orange part of her is tabby- patterned. She has a white chest, like a beard and also all four feet are white. She has a half-tail with kinks in it too.

    That really makes me wonder about her… Her name is Sadie. Maybe she is only part tabby as I do not recall what color her mother was (she was given to me).

    Very interesting post on my favorite subject – CATS.

    Thanks so much for sharing this! I will be back for more fascinating info.

    • ellent says:

      Actually Tabby is pretty common as they aren’t really a breed per say but the rarity of an orange being a female are the cats that are pretty much solid orange with maybe a small percentage of white. When I rescued Osca from outside, he was sooo fluffy and his face was so sweet I really thought he was a she. Called my vet to make an appointment to have “her” spayed and I was told that was rare for a female and was I sure! So, off I went to “check it out” and sure enough she is a he!! LOL

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