Have you recently brought home a little puppy? Then you may be interested in giving your dog some basic training. You can do it yourself, or get an obedience instructor for the job.

The fees of an obedience instructor can vary, you also have to take your dog to the class where the training would take place. If you decide to be the trainer, it would be  less expensive, plus you would be training out of your own home.  If you have decided to be the trainer,  you must have some knowledge on dog training first:

3 Basic Things Taught First:

– Sit
– Stay
– Come


One thing you will need are dog treats.

Make sure that you choose a quiet place for training, so as not to distract your dog’s attention. Ask your dog to sit again and again while you hold the treat over his head. He will have to turn his head up and will sit there, willingly, in order to get the treat.

If he still doesn’t sit, gently push his back down. When you have made him sit, praise him and give him his treat.

If you repeat the word “sit” your dog will realize that the command is related to sitting and will obey you in order to receive his reward.


The next step in training is “Stay”.

This part of the training can be a little difficult. This is a command which your dog will have to learn first before teaching him to “Come”. The overall purpose is to make your dog sit in one place, without any direction, and stay there.

Here’s how it works:

Repeat the word “Stay” as you gradually walk back. Maintain an eye contact with your dog.  If he rises from his position, say “No” and start all over again. This training does take some time and patience. It would be easier if you, initially, could get a friend or family member  to sit and hold him back if he doesn’t “Stay”.

If he has learned to sit and stay, when you back away from him, try walking away with your back towards your dog. He will probably rise now to follow you! Tell him “No” and repeat the process asking him to stay in his position as you move away.


Once your dog has passed the “Stay Test”, it’s time to teach him to Come.

Once again, ask him to Stay and then call him in a Cheerful Voice; thump/pat your knee as you repeat the word “Come”.  Be sure and reward him, as he will probably respond to your call promptly!

I hope you have found this post helpful and informative.  I will be posting more valuable information regarding levels of  Dog Training. Do stop by often for more Tips on Training Your Dog.

Have a Great Day!


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3 Responses to “Dog Training Tips: 3 Basic Things”

  • Tammie Perry says:

    Great information Ellen. It is good to know that you can train a grown dog and you do not have to start when they are puppies. This is very helpful information that surely will save a lot of money as well. Thank you very much. I am so looking forward to your future posts.

  • WOW awesome post and great info for all dog owners – I would like to add that the one downside to training at home is the socialization that the puppy misses not being around other dogs as I experienced that.

    Skype: nancyradlinger

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