A friend of mine, Karen Conly, has just written a post on fleas and ticks.  I urge everyone to go read her article!  Fleas and Ticks are no joking matter and are a serious health issue to your pets.

A small glimpse of Karen’s post:

Keeping Your Pets Flea and Tick Free

The fact is… fleas and ticks have been around since the dinosaur age!  They are extremely adaptable to any kind of weather and feed on almost anything.  There are some common myths that have been circulating for years so let’s start with a few of those:

Myth #1: If you can’t see them they must not be there.  Wrong!!!  So many of the new generation of flea and tick products out there now may, indeed, be doing part of the job of getting rid of those pesky suckers.  But what about all the different stages they live through?  There are actually 4 stages and you can read more details below if you so choose…….

Please go to her blog and read more on this very important issue!  You can click on the link below or on her name (above) Karen Conly

Doggie Treasures 4U

Thank you and have a Great Day.

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