Do you know how destructive fleas are to your pets? Until now, I truly was not aware how devastating they truly are.

Fleas attach to your pets and literally suck blood out of them. Your pets can become anemic, loose white blood cell count and die!

There are so many wonderful products offered through your local Veterinarian that will keep your pet happy, healthy and out of danger’s way.

You might want to know why I am writing this post and why it is so Important to Me that you Understand The Risks and Dangers from Not Protecting Your Pets:

I lost two wonderful cats to these horrible insects.  My beautiful, black, 3 year-old kitty, Lily. She had not been well for a few days. She slept all the time and wouldn’t eat. I brought her to her Vet, not able to figure out How One Moment she could be so Vibrant and the Next Not Able to Keep Her Eyes Open.

It seems she became quite infested with fleas! Being Solid Black and Not Scratching, I didn’t know! These fleas literally drained the life right out of her. She was so Anemic that even with a Blood Transfusion She Could Not Be Saved.  Mojo was my heart.  He came into my life when he was only 7 weeks old and would turn 16 yrs old in February.  After losing Lily, I made sure my cats were on flea protection.  Unfortunately, Mojo was too old and though he fought it, he died in my arms.

This year in Houston we have experienced a much higher density of fleas than usual. My cats being indoors cats, I did not think they were at a High Risk.! Did Not Think – Cost Lily & Mojo Their Lives!

Please, please get your dogs and cats treated with flea protection. I don’t want someone else to feel the enormous pain that I am now going through. The enormous guilt that just haunts me. They should have been on flea protection and they weren’t! Now, I’ve lost them and can not take any of this back.

I have listed (below) some of the Leading Flea Protections Available for your Pets. If you Have Not used Flea Protection on your pets, Talk to your Veterinarian before making any purchases. Size, weight, age could play a part in choosing the correct application for your pets.





In Memory Of Lily von Lillith



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10 Responses to “Fleas Can Kill!”

  • You have done an awesome job with this post Ellen. Many people just don’t realize the importance of flea protection that you have brought to our attention. Hopefully this information will help others see the importance of flea protection. Thanks

  • Kathryn Ali says:

    Hi Ellen. I love your site. Great information in your first article.

    re Fleas.. hate them really hate them. They are so hard to get rid of. Our puppy got them in the winter. We really do not know how she got them in the winter. We tried the flea shampoo. That did not work except to soak the washroom lol. We tried other products at the pet store.

    Then we spoke to the lady where we buy our dog food. Our dog is on the raw meat and bone diet and she said to give a tsp of diatomaceous earth mixed in her meal once per day. She said to also rub it on the dog freely and in her crate etc. Within a few days.. they were all gone. Now, there is more than one type of diatomaceous earth. It has to be the kind that is ok to take internally. Now we give it to her every day with her breakfast. There is no taste to it. The lady who sell it to use gives it to her own kids and she does too. It helps with parasites, worms etc too.

    Have a great day. Love your blog and looking forward to reading more,
    Kathryn Ali

    • ellent says:

      Thanks so much Kathryn. I will have to look into that, as my Golden, although on flea stuff, seems to be bothered by them anyway.

  • Tammie Perry says:

    Another great article Ellen. I am so sorry for your loss. I know we have had a real hard time with fleas this year as well. I was aware that fleas can carry diseases and now I know they can cause other life threatening problems as well. Thank you for the information. Our pets are very important to us and I do thank you so very much.

    • ellent says:

      Thank you, I miss them. I think of them every day and wish I could turn time back. But you can’t. But that said I can prevent others from ending out losing their babies.

  • Karen Conley says:

    Ellen, great information and thanks for bringing this to our attention. As pet owners it is our responsibility to protect our furry friends as much as we can. So sorry for your loss but hopefully this will wake others up before it is too late for them.

    Keep It Pawsitive,
    Skype = cashqueenkc

    Karen and Trixie

  • Xarah says:

    Ellen, I did not know that flees can kill. That’s aweful. Have you found out how that many flees got into your home and onto your beloved cats?

    Xarah, Sina and Noel
    skype = sarnetwork

    • ellent says:

      Hi Xarah, Houston had a huge epidemic this year. My vet, who was born and brought up here, said he has never seen so many fleas as this year. I’m sure my dogs brought them in, but I truly was not aware that with them being treated, that they would effect my cats. I’ve always had vets (not from here) that felt as long as my cats were in doors, they’d be fine. So, sadly I found out the hard way. I still miss both of them so terribly and still feel a great guilt that I have lost them.

    • ellent says:

      You know, I lived in Dallas most of my life. Because Dallas is so different from Houston, if your kitties stayed inside, my vet felt they would be fine in the winter months and keep them on flea guard in the summer. Well, Houston had such a horrible abnormal amount of the fleas this past year, I guess they got on Lily and I didn’t even know it.

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