Guidelines to Choosing Your Dog’s Diet:

Choosing a good, high nutritional diet is not always easy.  Most labels read in such a way they might just as well be writing in Greek!  How are you supposed to understand the percentages of ingredients and which ones are beneficial and which ones are just fill and of no substance whatsoever?

Talking to your Veterinarian should be on the top of your list.  He or she knows what dogs need at various stages of their lives from puppies to senior dogs.  They will suggest foods, by brand, that they feel is of the highest nutrician for your pup.

That said, not all dogs are alike!  Meaning, just like people, there a foods your dog will like and others they just don’t like the taste, smell or maybe even the texture.  So, if you stay within the guidelines of nutrients that should be in the food you will land upon a brand that both you and pup will be satisfied with.

What to Look for on a Label:

The highest percentage should be the meat.  Look for a specific name, not general – such as chicken vs. poultry.  When reading a label, the first item is the highest percentage within the food.  Therefore, meat should be the very first item listed.

Good quality fats in also important within your dog’s diet.  Once again, look for specifics – i.e. chicken fat.

A small amount of carbohydrates can be fine in their foods as carbs do deliver a favorable taste, as long as it’s not a high quantity.  Whole grains do help in digestion.  rice, oatmeal and barley are good sources.

Vitamins and minerals such as fruits and vegetables are fine but not necessary.  Your Vet will tell you what percentage is necessary and what is overkill.  Some products are Not Good, such as onions, grapes and broccoli.  Keep these out of their diets.

Also, look for natural preservatives vs. chemicals that you can’t even pronounce!  Natural ingredients can be vitamins and some herbs such as rosemary.

Your Food Your Scraps Are Poison Not Treats!

I don’t know how to stress this enough.  Stop Feeding Your Dogs Your Scraps and Your Food!  Dogs and People Do Not have the same metabolism!  Feeding your dog  your food is not healthy and in the long run will leave them obese, with major medical problems.  Talk about killing your dog with kindness!

There are treats specifically formulated for your dog.  Stick to those and not human foods.

Always check with your Vet when it comes to the age and needs of your dog.

Obviously Puppies need more fatty rich foods for growth vs. your senior dog that needs more dietary nutrients.

There are also many great recipes that you can find online to make natural foods for your pet that consist of the highest quality of ingredients.

Here are a few places for some recipes:

I Love Dogs

Some Good Recipes

Starting Your Own Dog Treats Business

Check Out The Dog Food Conspiracy!

Here’s to Your Pet’s Health!

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