Butterflies are not only beautiful but allusive to most people.  The mere fact that they start off as a caterpillar and then transform into these beautiful winged creatures.  It is no wonder that myths and folklore surround butterflies.

There are many beliefs that butterflies are actually pixies and fairies that grace us with their presence. Pixies and fairies adorn beautiful wings that strongly resemble those of butterflies. They are also considered spiritual beings in some cultures.  Mythology also attributes certain mystical attributes to butterflies.

This is a wonderful Irish Blessing:

“May the wings of the butterfly kiss the sun, and find your
shoulder to light on to bring you luck, happiness and riches”

Butterflies have been connected to symbolic of metamorphosis, rebirth, love, hope, and freedom.

They have played major roles in myth, religion, literature, art, and decorative artwork.  Their images are found on ancient stone carvings to Pompeian mosaics.  Many modern day artists create butterflies on furniture, carvings and glorious paintings.

Many believe butterflies are about luck, both good and bad.  In Louisiana it is believed that if a white butterfly enters your home and flies around you, good luck will quickly follow. Yet in Maryland it’s believe that this is an omen of death.

The butterfly is also a symbol of women as it is a sign of gentleness.  In Japan a woman wearing a kimono is compared to a butterfly and if you look at the design of a kimono, it is shaped like a butterfly.

As I mentioned earlier, fairies area associated with butterflies but did you know so are witches?  It is believed that butterflies symbolize the soul of a witch.  Both witches and butterflies can change their form.  Butterflies, of course, change from caterpillars to winged beauties, as witches can change at will.

Have a great day and keep your eyes open for these allusive, mystical, wonderful creatures.  They may just bring you luck!

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