Dauntless and Fervent, Benevolent and Gracious….
A Lonely Soul of Pure White Light
You walked into my life on the Wings of Angels.

A True Friend of Unconditional Assurance.
You would wait like a Guardian at the Gate each and every hour of each and every day, for my return

I’d see your tiny outline pressed against the glare of Ra.
War-torn and ragged.. Awkward and Soiled.. Plain and Simple.
Many turned away… Many eyes saw homeless and worthless… Not I!
I saw, in you, the Land of the Gods that you sprang forth from.

In your eyes – I saw the nobility of your ancestors, the temples constructed in your name.

I saw the Face of God!

Your tired limbs revealed scars and pain from your plight.  Yet, undeniable strength to carry on.

You gave to me what no mortal could conceive..
A bounty of Devotion, Certainty and Endurance; flowing endlessly from the Aura of your silent Spirit.

Time has run its course – allowing me but one brief moment to have been adorned with your company.

You were never homeless and stray in my company! My arms would give you welcomed shelter from the raging storms that encompassed your tiny life.  Giving comfort from your fears – dearest of dear friends.

I’d offer up my home with acceptance on your terms.  Decidedly, you would leave to roam the ebon nights, knowing this was your natural longing.

I’d mend your wounds and sing lullabies to ease your shattered soul.

You have moved on from the confines of this life.  I sing only to the empty darkness of night.
Stars serve as messages from you, messages I am not able to understand for now.
My tears trickling into mist, I silently call your name. I know you hear me in this abyss of silence.

You sit beside me and sing your songs of ancient purrs.
You come to comfort me..

My heart lies heavy in your absence..
Oh Ancient Sekmet!  Protector of Pharoah!  You have brought comfort to my breaking heart.
My soul is rich with what you have so graciously given to me…
My souls is broken with what has been taken from me…
What a cruel balance lies in that.

Now you have returned to your Land of Gods!
Your step is Free and Quick!
Your coat is Clean and Silky!

You Are Reborn!

Please remember me, my dearest friend, for you will live with me for all eternity…

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