Persian cats are one of the most popular breeds of cats.  They are known for their gentle disposition, sweet personalities and long, long coats.

As Persian’s have very long and dense coats, grooming is extremely important to prevent damage to their fur.  Persians should be indoor cats to protect their coats from dirt, common parasites or fleas forming in their undercoats..  They need constant brushing with either a metal comb or a type of comb like the  “FURminator“.  The FURminator style of brush gets down into the undercoat of both cats and dogs and helps alleviate shedding as well.  These combs get down into the undercoat of the cat to remove dirt, dander and the prevention of knotting/tangling.  Proper grooming is important to maintain a glossy healthy coat. You can find these combs and other similar combs at your local pet supply store.

Unlike some other breeds of cats, Persians cannot clean themselves well because of the density of their coats.  Therefore, bathing is an important part of their grooming regiment.  Starting your Persian off at a really young age for grooming and bathing is highly recommended so they will become accustomed to both.  It really is not optional as to whether you should bath them or not.  It’s the only way you will insure their coats are staying healthy.

Persians also have very large eyes and this can lead to infections.  Taking a soft cloth and just cleaning out the corners of their eyes will help keep them clean.  Your vet, upon regular visits will check to make sure problems are not developing.

Persians are wonderful cats and can live as long as 20 years, so regular checkups, shots and grooming are very important.

Persians make great pets for everyone, including children.  With their gentle disposition and laid back attitude they are rarely destructive.  Jumping and climbing are not normal activities with these cats.  They love to bask in the sun and lounge around.  They are intelligent and love to communicate with their eyes and voices.  These traits are what have placed Persians on a very high scale of popularity with cat owners.

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