The thought of losing our pets during a crisis can make you even more fragile. There are people who have pets at their homes and are so attached to them that they will not leave their home during a crisis. There are also pet owners in a panic laden situation that forget to carry their pets with them. The occupants then do not even have the option of going back and bring their pets along, resulting often times in a tragic death of a helpless animal. The responsibility of the owners increases even more with a pet that cannot discriminate between a dangerous and an ordinary situation. With the sudden outbreak of a disaster, the circumstances may force the occupants to vacate their house within minutes. It is necessary for the owners to learn the tips and precautions that are beneficial to help the pets.

What to do when the disaster strikes? When a disaster strikes most people care more about the human casualties than the animals. Essential services like water, food, and life support equipment are often lacking when it comes to treating pets. For surviving such shortfalls, you should ensure that when a crisis occurs, your pet is secured and cared for. Here are some simple tips and tricks to follow:

Prepare in advance for pets needs. Know where your pets can be shifted during a crisis. Keep your pets’ vaccination card and records with you. Make an ID card for your pet or use a dog tag ID, providing the necessary information like contact name, address, and phone numbers. Have disaster kits ready with equipments like extra ID tags, leashes, collars, water, food, medicines, photos and health records to prove your ownership. Gather relief information from multiple resources, so that when a crisis occurs you know where to get help from. Train your pet how to board the vehicles and remain in a transport kennel. Keep your neighbors informed that you own a pet and keep your neighbors contact information with you or in your emergency kit. Know about the organization in your area that can help during a crisis. Always keep a photocopy of your pet and ownership papers. Prepare a pet first aid kit with all the unique supplies, food, water, bowels, cages, pet vaccines, bandages, blanket, vet information, and medicines. Train your pet to differentiate between objects that should be gotten close to and the ones that are dangerous and to respond to your command.

The bottom line is preparing for pet emergencies well in advance is the main factor that will help save your pet in a crisis. By preparing in advance you will feel a sense of relief and can then just update your pet emergency supplies every 6 months. Get your pet emergency kit and pet first aid kit today.

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