Pogona vitticeps

Pogona are a genus of lizards that consist of several specieis, most commonly referred to as Bearded Dragons.  This term is most commonly used toward the Central Bearded Dragon.  They are adept climbers, spending a great deal of time on branches, in bushes and fence posts if living near humans.  These lizards live in arid, rocky and semi-desert regions and dry open areas of Australia.  They like to bask on rocks and exposed branches in the morning and afternoon hours. Bearded Dragons as pets are very popular.

The Pogona vitticeps are often kept as pets.  Their characteristics are spiny scales arranged in rows or clusters, found on their throats and back of their necks.  This spiny “collar” expands when they feel threatened.  They also bob their heads when two males are challenging each other.  Another quirky movement is “hand waving”, this is a sign of submission between dragons.  They can change color, like chameleons, due to rivalries and temperature change.

Bearded Dragons in Captivity:

Bearded dragons as pets  do very well in captivity and are one of the mos popular among experts as well as novices.  They are extremely friendly with people and make great pets for children.  Pogona have an average life span of 5 to 8 years and some have been known to live to 10 years.  They like leafy lettuce, like Romaine lettuce and love hunting crickets.

Important Note: Never feed lightning bugs to your bearded dragon!  The toxins in a lightning but will kill your pet!

Housing Baby Dragons:

Babies can be temporally housed in a 20 gallon aquarium that are less than 10 inches long.  This housing will do fine for a few months only, as they grow very quickly.  Using Profile Extended Storage Bins, the White Sides of these bins will keep your pet from becoming frightened in their new surroundings.  If they become to0 scared, they may not eat which will lead to a very serious problem.

Housing an Adult Dragon:

The Adults should not be in anything smaller than 40 gallon breeder tanks.  Although it is recommended that you house a single adult in a 55 to 60 gallon aquarium. Dragons need branches, rocks to climb on and a hiding place.  If you have cage furniture, it must be carefully secured so as to not fall on your dragon and harm him. Bearded dragons as pets can be a wonderful experience.  Just make sure you study up on these guys and follow expert advice so your little friend will have a long a happy life.

Thanks to Wikipedia for their valuable information.

Bearded Dragon Secret Manual

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