Puppies have a period of development called the socialization period.  This period can range from 4 to 14 weeks of age.

Puppy training begins the moment you bring your new puppy home. Every year more than 5 million pets are euthanized in this country, mostly by owners who got off to a bad start with a new pet. A preschool program helps reduce this stress and help you raise a well mannered pet.

Puppies that are isolated during this period can develop problems later on.  Aggression, difficulty training, fearful behavior, etc.   They need to learn body language and how to communicate with other dogs and people.

Puppy preschool is designed to teach owners to better understand their puppy’s needs, establish effective communication, curb behavior problems, and to show owners how to properly socialize their new puppy.

If you do not have a great deal of cash, don’t despair!  Look into your local PetSmart and Petco stores.  These stores offer training courses that are  inexpensive!  Look into various pet organizations that offer training courses for your dog.  You can also contact the SPCA for their training classes. These organizations are there to help you and your dog and prevent your puppy ending up in the local pound and euthanized.

Training courses are broken down into 5 Levels. They should be done in order, as your pup can not learn properly, if you try to put him into an advanced level when  he has not been allowed to learn the basics first.

The first level of training for your new puppy is Puppy Preschool.  Teaching him good manners enables him to grow into a confident, friendly and sociably acceptable adult dog.

Puppy Preschool:

This course meant for puppies that are about 6 weeks to 5 months old.  Preschool classes generally last for no more than 6 to 8 weeks. In these training sessions, your puppy is essentially taught how to socialize with people and  other dogs. Your puppy also begins to learn how to Sit down, Stay at a place, and how to Come.  This is an Extremely Important Step in the development of your dog.

What Is Taught In Preschool:

1. Socialize your puppy – with other dogs, people and even cats.
2. Teach your puppy good manners, basic commands and obedience training
3. Educate you, the pup’s owner, on puppy development and basic pet care.
4. Be fun, and help your pup to enjoy coming to the vet!

This level also includes learning what is normal dog behavior and how to recognize behavioral problems in your dog before they get out of control.

Tomorrow I will be discussing the next level of School for your pet, Basic Dog Training. Once your puppy has completed Preschool, it’s time for him to go into Basic Dog Training.

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