There is nothing more frustrating and annoying then having your dog jumping up on you, your friends or absolute strangers.  Understanding why your dog jumps and how to stop this behavior is not difficult and will stop your dog from jumping.

First and foremost, understand what is natural to dogs.  Dogs, by nature, need to interact directly.  This means eye contact.  Your pup will jump in an attempt to make eye contact with you. To reinforce that you are aware that he is there and you see him!

When your pup attempts to jump, kneel down on his level in order to make that eye contact.  Once you have knelt down, your pup will stop jumping.  You have reinforced that “you see him”, “you are aware of him”.

This is a temporary fix not a permanent fix.  There are various methods, that through patience and consistency, will stop your dog’s habit of jumping.

One method that has worked well for me is turning my back on my dog when she attempted to jump. Try this out and see if it works for you also:

When your dog starts to jump, cross your arms and turn your back to him and look away from him.  Avoid All Eye Contact!  As he attempts to come around to face you – keep turning away from him.  He will eventually calm down because dogs hate to be ignored.

You will have to repeat this method several times until he fully understands that jumping is not allowed.  This is because each time you finally face him, he will start jumping again.  When he does, just start the process all over again.

It will take a while to instill in your pup that jumping is non-acceptable, but it does work and he will learn.  Once again, the key to any training is Patience.

Here’s a method that works well with large dogs:

When he jumps, gently grab his legs and start walking him backwards then place his legs on the ground and firmly say “down!” Say this firmly but not in anger.  You do not want to instill in your dog that sitting makes you angry or that sitting is doing something wrong.

Dogs do not like walking backwards! Dogs need to see where they are going and walking backwards is very unpleasant to them.  By doing this, they will associate jumping with the unpleasant task of walking backwards.

It doesn’t take a long time to teach your little friend to stop jumping, just perseverance and patience.

There are many different methods to stop your dog from jumping.  If one doesn’t seem to work, find another one.  All dogs are different and will not all learn from the same method. Find one that seems to be working well with your pup.  Stay consistent with whatever method you choose and he will learn.

Here are some more methods to help with Stop Jumping:

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To Your Pups Success!

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