Spiders are probably one of the most misunderstood insects on this planet.  I have heard so many say – spiders do nothing, just get in your way, build cobwebs that get in your face and are just a nuisance.

This could not be farther from the truth.

Another myth is that Tarantulas are poisonous! Nope – they are not!  They can leave a nasty sting if you are bitten, but they are no more poisonous than a bee sting – unless you have an allergy to bee stings!

Spiders kill other insects, they are big on eating various insects like aphids that want to destroy those plants that you have worked so hard to grow!  Having spiders in your garden is a great sign that your plants are doing well and you do not have to use harmful pesticides to get rid of those destructive creatures.

When I was a child, spiders scared the living life out of me.  If I saw a spider, I’d screaming off to Mom or Dad to kill it!

Between Hollywood and articles that concentrate only on poisonous spiders, it’s no wonder everyone has some form of phobia towards All spiders.


The definition is “an abnormal fear of spiders.  from Greek arakhne – spider + -phobia.

There are people whose fear of spiders goes beyond what most of us experience when we see these little guys walking across our floors.  This is a very real condition and leaves arachnophobics breaking out in cold sweats, shaking and literally in a state of absolute terror!

What causes this fear is not an easy answer.  Fear is an emotion that is formed by not understanding, uncertainties or even superstitions. Some phobias can be formed from parent to child.  A child can learn to fear from observation of the parent.

Most people outgrow their childhood fears.  We learn that our fears are based on unfounded beliefs and therefore move on.

In my case, I discovered the advantages of spiders when I started growing tropical plants and ran the gauntlet on pesticides that nine times out of ten – ended out killing my plants!  Once I realized that spiders were actually saving my plants – I looked on these little guys in a whole new light.

Arachnophobics are on a completely different plane than just dislike.  This is a true, deeply embedded terror that these folks live with their entire lives.

This fear can dictate where someone vacations, works or even getting involved in sports.  It’s an extremely debilitating condition.

Overcoming Your Fears:

People with untreated anxiety disorders may be more susceptible to other psychological disorders such as depression, according to the American Psychological Association.

Embarrassment, not wanting to face up to fears or the feeling this is a sign of weakness are some of the major reasons people do not look for treatment.  In facing fears, there will be failure along the way, but failure is a step in the right direction to success!  Working around failure is a challenge but a far better direction than totally avoiding the issue.

Start with finding someone you fully trust to help you face your fears.  They can help you by sharing their own thoughts and possible fears that they have overcome and can assist you through your feelings.

When you are willing to admit that you have fears you can work through this and analyze them. Fears can be very deeply rooted and the sooner this is unearthed, the sooner you can find peace of mind.

Arm yourself with as much information as you can on what that fear is.  In this case, reading up on spiders, understanding their purposes as well as understanding that the majority of spiders are really quite harmless.

Understanding goes a long way to shedding off fears and seeing the situation in a different light.

Arachnology is the study of spiders.  If possible, find someone who is in this field.  Talk to them and when you are ready, allow them to show you various species of spiders.

There is no reason to spend your entire life in fear – life is to be enjoyed!  I wish all who suffer from Arachnophobia or other fears the very best success!  If you know someone who suffers from this and other fears, reach out to them and help them out.

Here are two sites that might be of interest:

Arachnology – Individual Scientists

International Society for Arachnology

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