Choosing the best food for your dog can sometimes be overwhelming.  The variety of foods available today can make it difficult to know which foods are healthy and of good quality.

Within this mass of advertisers pushing one brand over another, you are also confronted with choosing between canned or dry food.  Which is better for your dog — dry or canned food?  Let’s take a closer look at the differences between dry or canned food and which is better for your dog.

The Advantages of Dry Food:

Dry food is a great choice of food because it helps keep your dog’s teeth healthy.  Dry food breaks down and removes both plaque and tartar from their teeth.  Storing dry food is so much easier than canned food because it does not have to be refrigerated upon opening.  Also while traveling with your dog, dry food is the best choice because of the same reasons, no refrigeration is required.

Dry food is manufactured with well balanced nutrients that are needed for your dog’s overall well being and health.  Many dry foods come in an assortment of choices that will suit your dog, such as age, weight issues and even health issues.

Dry food, as a general rule, is also less expensive than canned food. You are able to get the same high quality found in canned food at a much reduced cost.  This is something to take into consideration if you have a large dog.  Large dogs need more food and therefore canned food can become quite expensive.

The Advantages of Canned Food:

The biggest advantage for choosing canned food is the quality of the food.  Canned food offers real meat, there are fewer additives and fillers found in dry food.  In general, canned food does offer a very high quality of nutrients that is unsurpassed.

Canned food also is more appealing to your dog’s palate.  As canned food has natural fats that makes this food more appealing in taste.

Another great case for canned food is the oral health of your dog.  If he or she has problems chewing dry foods, then canned is the better alternative.  Very young puppies usually need to start off on canned food because their teeth have developed enough to handle dry foods.

Some dogs are just very picky about their food and canned will probably seem more appealing to them.

I have incorporated both canned and dry food into my dogs’ diets.  I add chunky canned food to their dry food thereby giving them the best of both worlds.  They are getting rich taste of canned while having the dry ridding of plaque and tartar.

Talk to your veterinarian if you have questions on which is better for your dog, dry or canned food.  If your dog is under a veterinarian’s care, (both general or health issues) he or she will advise on which foods you should be feeding your dog throughout his or her life.

Also, make sure you adhere to the correct amount of food your dog should take in on a daily basis.  Your dog’s weight is extremely important to the overall health your four-legged friend.

You can view many varieties of Dry and Canned foods for your dogs at the links listed here:



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